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Webinar – ClimatePartner x esg2go

Deepening cooperation for more effective sustainability management

In this webinar, we discuss together with esg2go how SMEs can successfully implement sustainability in their business.

esg2go is a rating & reporting system developed from SME practice. With esg2go, SMEs receive a handy, reliable digital tool with which they can measure their sustainability, benchmark it in a differentiated way and distinguish themselves with good results. esg2go value can also be interpreted as a ranking of a company's win-win ability. That is why it is also relevant to business.

ClimatePartner brings extensive experience in corporate climate protection and certification to ensure transparency and credibility. These aspects are of great relevance for the ESG assessment of companies.

What to expect in our webinar:

  • Current trends and challenges in the field of sustainability and an explanation of why this topic is crucial for SMEs.
  • Introduction to ClimatePartner and the 5 steps in climate protection
  • Introduction to esg2go and how it is used in practice in SMEs
  • Explanation of how to measure and benchmark sustainability
  • Demonstration of profiling opportunities through good sustainability ratings
  • Q&A: Ask your questions to our experts in a live chat

Participation is free of charge. This webinar is held in German.

Registration link:
Webinar – ClimatePartner x esg2go | Mehr Zusammenarbeit für effektiveres Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement


29. November 11:00 - 12:00



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