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Sustainability rating & reporting standard


esg2go is a sustainability rating and reporting tool which helps SMEs to monitor and improve their operations. 

esg2go offers these main benefits:

  • A clear, fair, industry, and company size adjusted scoring system in all ESG categories.

  • An automated reporting system that can transfer to further reporting.

  • Through the transparent approach, the activities regarding sustainability will be included, which ensures a high quality for esg2go Rating & Reporting Standards.

  • The esg2go Rating & Reporting Standard will be filled out one time and can be accepted by a multitude of customers. This saves a lot of time.

  • This is how esg2go becomes a reliable reference, which will enable access in further markets and business propositions.

The esg2go rating & reporting standard is a cooperation between CCRS (scientific method) and Adjumed (technology provider). 

Further information on its dedicated website: