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Sustainable Building and Real Estate

Long-run trends like climate or demographic changes are challenging the real estate sector due to the longevity of real estate investments. The measurement of sustainability risks or questions regarding the real estate sector's information efficiency (i.e. the willingness to pay for sustainability criteria) are important. The importance of energy efficient retrofits is well acknowledged in Switzerland and internationally as well as properties are responsible for a big share of fossil fuels and CO2-emissions. Conflicting goals matter, as energy efficient retrofits tend to increase gross rents for tenants in Switzerland.

The research field ’sustainable real estate’ deals with comprehensive sustainability (measurement, management and reporting of sustainability risks as well as willingness to pay for sustainability criteria) on the one hand. On the other hand a key issue focuses on energy efficient retrofits. Our research has generally an economic focus embedded within constructing and legal aspects. The research group is well linked to practitioners and construction experts to ensure a practical and interdisciplinary working.


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